Thursday, November 13, 2008

And this long line cars is all because of you

you don't wonder where we're going or remember where we've been.

It just might be a Cake kind of day. Because I have a mountain of paperwork to do. And at what point in life does cake not make everything better? HMMMMM???

I think Nan and Scott are winning the cutest baby race. Watched a video on the Today show this morning where a little girl almost fell off a 150 foot cliff. Hubs and I looked at each other over coffee and decided I will stay on the pill a little bit longer. Oh yeah, and he told me we have to go to Mexico and explore Doomsday 2012 and hit up India before that can happy. See Chrissy, we will be drinking margaritas on the ocean in February! Mexican Lobsters ahoy!

(Ha ha you see what I just did up there? Huh? Did you catch it? Doomsday!)

Paperwork is boring. I'd rather answer questions. So ladies are asking about my morning routine. Here goes:

-Facewash. Not Burt's Bees bc that stuff doesn't work. I prefer Arbonne bc it's gentle and works. Or Oil of Old Lady exfoliating anti-aging wash.

-Burt's Bee Royal Jelly (insert jokes here) eye cream (more jokes here).

-Neutrogena Anti-Aging SPF moisturizer. Do not buy anti-aging anything without SPF bc that stuff will let your skin fry, it strips it down so much. Expect redness for the first few days then soft dewy skin forever after!

-MAC concealer. This stuff is God's cammo. Bare Minerals powder foundation, but buff that shit afterwards or you'll look like this. Bare Minerals Mineral Veil. This stuff is incredible for making your skin look and feel soft. They say you can sleep in it, and I often do. Always a light dusting of bronzer. Always blush. Always brown mascara for day, black for night. Eyeliner and eyeshadow are completely optional for me and I mostly save them for night. But I use mostly MAC eyeshadows and liners bc with pallets like these, why would you go anywhere else? (Aquadesiac is my personal fav right now and even though it's very blue, it makes my green eyes pop!).

-Before putting on mascara, I spritz with MAC Fixit. I don't actually know if this helps, but it feels amazing and my makeup doesn't go anywhere after a full day (which is pretty impressive).

-Curly hair mostly does itself. Then I'm out the door!

Total time to get did up: 15-20mins leaving the shower to leaving the house. I'm just that good! BOO YA!

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