Friday, October 10, 2008

The wall I made, will I find you there?

Today is such a good day but it is also testing me intensely.

I'm thinking out loud here mostly but it's just too much to keep in. My job, we schlep medical supplies in and out all day long. It's not as boring as it sounds but sometimes it can be boring.

Another nutritional company in town has decided not to provide for people on state insurance, meaning those people have Medicaid or Medicare or both solely, to provide for their health needs, and this company doesn't want to deal with all the red tape that includes, or whatever.

I have never understood people that want to cut these services. Republicans don't want to pay more taxes. People don't want to take on others' burdens. Not very evangelical I might add, but I can't expect much when they aren't rewarded for doing so. Sadly enough there's not enough left to go round the table after everyone is mostly, partially cared after.

In the last week we've gotten some very interesting cases. Now these are all nutritional, 80% of them are tube fed, meaning they can not physically, for fear of death, take nutrition, any nutrition liquid or semi or solid by mouth.

We have a new patient born with liver and stomach and half of his GI tract on the outside of his skin. We have a patient who was shaken so violently as a baby, and has still managed to grow some, but who's esophagus never fully developed so he has to take nutrition through a tube in his stomach. We have a patient who has been in a coma since she was about 5-6 years old and has still grown into a small adult. She's still in a coma. Got sick and her parents called us because on her 19th birthday, her parents put a little birthday cake in her GI tube to celebrate and didn't understand why it made her ill.

It is the government's job to take care of its people who either by birth defect or poverty or both are unable to take care of themselves. Hello fishes and loaves here. You can't feed people spirituality, educate them, or inspire them if they are hungry, homeless, or just plain destitute.

Through this program at our church, we're feeding a big group of people tonight who are homeless but have been working really hard and are almost ready to rotate out. They have children, medical needs, education needs. They are pretty regular people. I'm excited but nervous because I've never fed 20 people at one time before. I hope they have patience with me.

There is no proper way to express my fears here. I hope my children are born healthy. I hope that if they aren't, there are medical services available to help them, because having children born in those medical states is very expensive, and a big reason why a lot of families have to go on Medicaid. I hope that no one I know has to deal with that either. But it's hard, and I almost can't even say these things aloud, because in the way nature works, and seeks balance, what doesn't happen in one place has to happen in another. If not me, then someone else.

I wish people would understand how much speaking up and speaking out about these medical costs and state insurance programs and nationwide public insurance actually does help. And I'm not afraid to say that I think grassroots organizations and support groups get a whole lot more done than Congress does.

But, put a President in the White House that doesn't make you choose between giving you ONE TIME $5K to put down on an ANNUAL $12K insurance policy or paying off your credit card debt because you're a responsible person. Vote Obama, Vote Obama, Vote Obama.

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