Tuesday, October 7, 2008

my darling, there's a place for us

So le sigh. Presidential debate round 2 tonight. I already have a pit in my stomach about it. Another bowl of homemade veggie pork chop soup (my special recipe) while we watch it. At least it will be a town hall forum, which was totally how Kerry was stomped on last go-round, but you know. At least it won't be town hall with Palin so she can show us how much she gets it.


I went jogging last night and I knew I shouldn't have because now my precious completely shot knees are all janked up. It's like the bad one is sore but the good one needs to be pulled out of socket and started up all over again.

And have I mentioned my mom is on Facebook now? That is so weird to me! She has her little travel group of friends. It's pretty cute but you know sometimes you just want to be yourself. In that way I would never cuss in front of my mom, completely disrespectful, but I can cuss here bc it's my blog. My time. I feel strange in a way that now on my FB, I have to edit myself bc what if my mom is watching. Totally stupid, I know, bc my mom has more of a life than me.

Have you started reading Kick-Ass yet? Because you should. I can't wait. Hubs just finished 1-4 and now it's mine. All mine. Yippee!!

Ugh and one of my coworkers is blaring Rush right now. Help us. He's complaining about how liberal the Dems are, smearing Obama and Pelosi, etc. Pretty par for the course. The problem is, and I think I might have spoken too harshly about this elsewhere, we're not liberal enough as Democrats. I will surely vote for Obama but I really don't feel he's doing enough to push the page. The high road is fine and Christly-like, but it's getting past that. Has been for a while. I'm not calling for mud slinging (but I am), and Dems are no angels, but I think the high road should be saved for Christ himself and we need to do a few more earthly maneuvers (like character assassinations). Now what those are, I don't have the room here (unless you buy me some time).

And people will think I'm nutters.

But I am. I'm looking beyond the party now. 28 days until I can get on with my life.

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