Friday, October 3, 2008

I just told the biggest lie

Me, before the show. Am I blushing?

So, it's practically lunch time, right?

What you've all been waiting for:

My review of Equus, a tale of a naked Harry Potter dong.

While planning our trip a million months ago, I had read that Equus was opening in NY while we were going to be there. I knew there was no f-ing way we could get tickets or afford tickets. Boy was I wrong! See I guess the trick is that you see the show while it's still in the preview stage, before it's officially premiered. That way the celebs haven't come out, or the critics, and it's like a supped up dress rehearsal.

We got dolled up. Had a drink at world famous Sardi's (and it wasn't that expensive, quel surpris!). And then piled in and saw the show.

I hate to say this, but Blah Blah. It was Equus. A Play. Dated. Terrific writing but long. Long as hell. Terrible I know. All in caps and such. But really, the play wasn't nearly as dynamic as Radcliff's acting. He was truly a gem. Carried that whole weighty thing on his shoulders alone, I feel. The horses were quite amazing but his interaction with them was it. And then, the second act.

The climax in the story. It was very well played although completely expected. But damn if Harry Potter did not get completely buck naked and simulate the missionary with a fully naked girl and then dance around (portraying agony, mind you) with his schlong all a floppin'. Crude? Well you didn't see it. It was full on and he has quite the bod but it was out there for so long that I actually could afford to look away from it and watch the play. To clarify, at this point in the story, while he's naked, all he's doing is portraying emotion. There's no dialogue. No story movement. So it was okay to watch him. Flip. Flop. Flop. Flop.

I had to hand it to him. I never had the balls to do modeling at school for the art classes and the times I sat for friends took a huge amount of courage. And I mostly kept my clothes on.

It really proved him. He will go far, I hope. Because for all that, it's a terrible last note for your grandkids before your career heads straight to video.

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