Friday, October 24, 2008

flashlight neon light stoplight

Papa don't take no mess!

A few wonderful delightful things to get in the mood for VOODOO!

I need to make cakelets in the shape of acorns!!! I mean, duh! Who doesn't!??!

The Mortimer candle is awesome, but really I'm so feeling those bleeding tapers. I think I might need those for the 2nd Annual Wilson Christmas Extravaganza Holiday Party. We can make it murder themed.

I miss Bust magazine.
A nuclear bomb, set off in my chest.

Peace out F-ers, I'm off to see R.E.M.!!!!

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regan said...

OH! My roommate makes the most delicious orange poppy tea cakes. She also does a yummy almond tea cake with dark chocolate glaze. Her pan is about that size, but they are just little squares.