Friday, October 3, 2008

'cause blondes here don't jump out of cakes

This is my new favorite website. Bombs away!

So the debate last night. I had to call my mom after it was over (they've yet to learn to pause dvr, it's ok, they're old). My mom is vehemently against Palin as an insult to women everywhere. This, of course, I agree with completely. And my dad has been a closet Obama-er since the primaries (don't tell my mom). So I was completely floored when I called and they thought she did pretty good. Um, hello. She didn't actually say anything.

One thing I carried away from The Difference Engine (other than Victorian London was a dirty, filthy mess) is that it's so easy to say so much that doesn't actually say anything. This main character gets slandered by a bunch of ads that just rile up the public against him but don't ever actually accuse him of anything. So is it slander then? No, it's Republican strategery. Remember that?

And that's how I felt about last night. You know Palin, you can't bullshit a bullshitter. And you, ma'am, seem to be in the top leagues. You will fit right on in in Washington, should your time ever come there. In one way, it's fascinating to watch how a fox will get out of a trap knowing it always has the last end option of self-sacrifice and leg chewing.

Hmmm. And anyway. It's Friday. I planted a bunch of beautiful mums yesterday. Pic up later along with pics of our trip. Hubs is working on his picasa link but I think I'll spare you all the pics and just post the best. But it's at home. And I still have work to do. Tonight, decorate the rest of the house for Fall. Tomorrow, farmer's market and pumpkins to buy!

I will leave you with a poster found on the metro. Some documentary coming out in Paris soon.

Anyone know a good acorn squash recipe? It's what's for dinner!

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Vincent Robleto said...

I thought Palin did fine, expectations were so low for her she seemed downright poised gosh darnit.

The best recipe I know for acorn squash is pan fry an inch thick tbone on each side for 3 minutes.