Thursday, September 18, 2008

O where is your inflammatory writ?

Doesn't her hat remind you of my white Alpaca hat? My poor, dying, cat eaten hat.

Current working goal:

(From my Guru is U group-- it sounds totally cheesy but, in fact, it's very enlightening):

In the ancient practice of yoga, the term is used in a couple of different ways. The literal definition the word guru means "remover of darkness". Gu means darkness and Ru means to remove.

Another definition most of us are familiar with is that it is an actual yoga master who has achieved enlightenment and works to help others achieve it as well. (This can be a fairly sticky subject - another Blog entirely - as there is a long list of many a "guru" who have shown us that, in fact, they were not enlightened very much at all.)

But perhaps most importantly, yoga teaches us about the inner guru, or the inner wisdom that helps us go from darkness to light, from the untruth to the truth, from pain and suffering to joy and peace. And while many yogis go to a Guru (an enlightened person) to help them awaken, at the end of the day the final choices we make, and the decisions about our life, or journey and our awakening, are ours.

Yoga teaches us, or better yet reminds us, that deep within our own heart lies the greatest "remover of darkness" or guru. Many of the words used consistently within the framework of yoga (mantras) work to remind of us of this fact: that we have within us great resource; that we are in fact much more than we perceive ourselves to be: that this inner guru, or wisdom, is in fact the Infinite Itself manifesting as us; and that the idea that we are separated from our Creator is only an illusion. It can be helpful to use the metaphor of the ocean to clarify this point. The Creator is the Ocean, and we are Its waves. Can you separate the wave from the ocean?

I, for one, can not separate anything from anything. Those who know me know my indefinite love of going on a tangent.

So this morning I awoke, had Joanna Newsom in my head, danced a little circle in my robe (we still have the windows open, it is still fairly chilly in the morning), my pj pants fell off, Husband was still asleep, it is these lovely morning times that I claim. I found this old necklace my brother had given me and have decided to wear it. Turns out to be quite the auspicious move!

It's obviously a Hindu god with a Monkey Face. His name, after some research, is Hanuman, the humble god of strength and courage. Performer of miracles, he is highly revered.

Jai Hanuman gyan gur sagar Jai kapis tihu lok ujagar....

trans. Praise be to Hanuman who is an ocean of wisdom and virtue Praise be to the monkey god.

Ocean, ocean, ocean. The Ocean is my favorite Led Zeppelin song.

And the meteoroid's a bone thrown from the void that lies quiet in offering to thee

Last night we studied Jezebel, priestess of Baal. So fascinating those Canaanites. So many more books I now, then, have to get to.

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