Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I've been to Redwood

I've been decidedly mum on the topic of Gov. Palin. And honestly because I think the topic speaks enough for itself.

Plus I enjoy giving Husband topics for dinner.

Plus plus, I'm getting too old for the negative anymore. I feel like the more I delve into this seedy ridiculous underworld, the more I realize how I'm straying from my traditional Dem roots. If we're not careful here, I'll become one of those protesters at the G8, and Lord knows I ain't got the time. I'll never vote Independent. But I see myself straying from the flock and off to find my own.

And it makes me sad to see how the Democratic party just isn't liberal enough for me. And I'm fairly, surprisingly conservative in many of my views. And I'm glad we're taking and talking the high ground. But I'm ready for some changes.

And so coming to this conclusion this weekend, not even knowing where I stand in my own right, and looking for other options for my time, it makes me sad that I'm just as easily ready to criticize Gov. Palin as I am many of my dearly beloved Dems. It's been coming but I've just refused to see it until now. Maybe I don't need a draft to get my ass to Nova Scotia after all.

You see, I've been a miner for a heart of gold.

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