Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No love's as random as God's love

Ahh!! Two great, no three great things!

First, I fit into my post college skinny jeans!!! WOOO!

Second, I FINALLY found a Bob Dylan song that doesn't make me want to hang myself. Cold Iron Bounds. Totally awesome music. Not 40 mins long of A-dab-a-dee-ba, A-dab-a-doo-ba. Thanks be!

Third, I cut my hair short bc I'm trying to grow it out (trust me, it really makes sense) so it's in this red/blonde/brown bob right below my ears. Straight. And finally, finally cute! And I like it! Yippee! My hair is funny that way. I have to cut it shorter than I'm comfortable with bc it grows so quickly that in a week, it's perfect! Then in 2 weeks it shaggy and cute. 3 weeks, shaggier and cute. 4 weeks BAM! totally not cute anymore.

I can't stand it! I can't stand it! YEOW!

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