Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Did you ever call? I waited for your call

E.T., do I need an iphone???

No seriously. Do I?

I need a personal calendar that I can carry with me. My little Burberry one from college is long gone, fallen apart, mutilated by my constant use-abuse. I've tried keeping up with other written ones but it's just so much easier to sync my family (me and Hubs) google calendar with my work Outlook calendar and then how great would that be to take it with me so I can A: stop writing on my hands and looking like a kindergartener, and B: force myself to remember things. Isn't that why I have a calendar? To do the remembering for me?!?

And then it would double as a phone? WOW! I'm not real big on crazy cell phones. I need a phone with a phone book, a phone, and a silence button (for those days when Auntie Sully is either working and can't take your call or is hung over and can't take your call- come on, the ringing HURTS MOMA).

I would like to carry my music with me and have it plug into my car (where my sad mp3 player seems so old fashioned, poor poor HellEment) but I totally worship my ipod shuffle. I hate having to make playlists and going and digging around in Hubs ipod. I want instant gratification and I want it now. Ipods are just too much f-ing work, for reals.

BUT you can play Pandora radio on your iphone. BUT it's like come on. Really. Do I need that.

I played with Collins's iphone at the baby shower. I guess I should have been playing with his baby girl but I'm already out of my wanting a baby phase, whoops. And my biggest problem is that not graceful, no fingernailed Sully can't type on the dang thing worth a flip. It's really hard to have www.youtube.com not come out as wee/tiiruvw/cp, You know, that's not English!

So maybe a Blackberry. Maybe a little typariter I can carry in a leather satchel circa WWII and live out my fantasies of being a French Legion reporter. Vive La Vichy! (shakes head).

Anyway, go over to Jenn and give her some support. She's got a cool new look and she's going back to school. Two things I will never do. I'm going to look this way and stay this smart FOREVER!

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Jenn said...

Get a Blackberry! Not that I'm biased or anything :)

Thank you for the link love and support!! I'm crazy!