Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hot Child in the City

Remember when we used to pace the UA sidewalks looking for character names? We service a lot of old, 'cuse, elderly, people and the names are a goldmine.

I have an Aunt Zettie and it's apparently a popular name from the 1920's (sorry Hub I just can't figure that stupid 1 quote mark for the abbreviated year thing). We have 2 Zetties (not one which mine aunt).


Theodora (ah Queen of Byzantium, I always loved your story most)
Paxton and Pax, lots of those in variations
Phoenix (I may have to steal that)
Lots of Isaacs
Marias and Rubys for days (I always said if I had little girls the first would be Lola, the second Ruby. Dibs!)
And then we service many Hispanics so there's a plethora of Marias, but also a Ysa (who is a wonderful man), a Yazmine. It's interesting.

[Ed. note, Kansas's Dust in the Wind just came on. Thx!]

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