Friday, June 13, 2008

Girls on Film Girls on Film

Da Da Dance to the underground.

Sometimes I really miss Fayetteville. See above. But then again, sometimes I don't.

One of these days, my dinner parties are going to look better than this (I mean what's with all the colanders?):

What's really strange about this picture though is when I went to save it off my email, yes I'm on the Pottery Barn email list, shoot me, it was titled hero.jpeg. Hmm? I really wonder why? I usually title my pics appropriately (enough). Like the ones above are Midsummer1 and Midsummer 2. Easy to find. Easy breezy! But hero? Do you think the photographer/designer was too busy? Was ready for the weekend? Was thinking too hard about how to impress his fiancee's family? And I say him bc that picture is unabashedly male. The whole set up screams Dude trying too hard. It's fine when I try too hard. Women are mostly expected to. I don't know. (Is that sexist? She's so hot she's making me sexist) It just looks too much like a scene from being wined and dined by guys I dated. Lots of effort. Not a whole lot of effort. ha! Didn't they know they had to paint me a portrait first? No, that was only that one time. Whoops! I'm glad I got out of the painters when I did.

Back to the dance my pants! It's Friday!

Bike(cycle) race tomorrow and Maddie's party- we settled on Animal Hospital, an E for everyone game where you, the vet, take sick animals and heal them, tend to them, and provide general veterinarian services. Mostly we got it bc it's compatible with her Horses game. Bonus!

And then????????

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