Thursday, June 5, 2008

and the moon is the only light that we'll see

Yoga milestone:

Last night, it started like this,

But very quickly it became more like this!

It's Marky Mark's birthday this week. Here's how you can "Feel the vibrations!" haha!

Okay quit your sighing and give this a try. You can even do it at work. Or the cozy privacy of your own home.

It's called Genga Ong. It feels really good when you've had a hard day.

Sit up straight. Spine in a lign (in align). Hands in prayer form (palms pressed together, elbows out, hands together at chest level. Slowly, deeply, in the gut, start humming Ong (a little different than Om but that's another time). Move the prayer hands to the top of the forehead, eyes closed still, and place your thumbs on your third eye (on the forehead right above where your eyebrows would meet if you had a unibrow -but you don't bc that's grode-a-rode-). Keep humming Ong as loudly or softly as you want just make sure it comes from way down low, your bile ducts in fact.

Communicate with yourself about what you want to accomplish. Appreciate yourself. You can do this a few minutes or all day if you choose. Genga Ong is a great head clearer.

It's 85 degrees at 9am here.

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