Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You gotta to get on the goodfoot


James Brown!

A few short things:

1. Hillary giving herself ANOTHER loan (to the tune of $6.4 mill) while our man Obama is still able to FUNDRAISE doesn't bode well for Hill. You see the problem is, and I have a HUGE problem that there's not better campaign finance reform, normal people should be able to run for President through FUNDRAISING. Normal people do not have $6.4 million to loan themselves. I, a past and present business owner, a married woman with no children, a middle class income earner am sick and tired of the establishment being run solely by the extremely wealthy in a monarchical fashion, even if they are Clintons. I absolutely adored Bill (not as much in light of this campaign) but he was an amazing leader. This is just going too far though. The Clintons can't let a little thing like losing get in the way of her winning.

We need fresh meat in the market. I'm just so sick of it all.

2. Hubs sent me the most hilarious ecard. An ecard of all things! I will learn to play good video game times so I can be his party on Army of 2. I will do that for my marriage. Zelda would have been better though but I will survive!

3. Cameo is my new favorite Funk band.

4. You ain't no rock n' roll fun.

5. We gots our stimulus checks! Time to destimulate our credit card bill!

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