Wednesday, May 28, 2008

you can feel it all over

I had a dream last night, kept waking up to it and falling back asleep to it, where I was a preggers as the day is long. It wasn't that bad, exception being the cumbersomeness of it all, but it was so alternate. The stories in my world completely upside down.

Anyway Hubs said maybe because I'm working so hard, tuning my machine as it were, that I'm afraid of getting so fit to just get preg-o and lose it all. Maybe. My dream wheel said it meant impending fortunes. That's the one I like better. Wait, so is Hubs insinuating having a wee one? Hmmm,,,,

So my chakra class keeps sending me worksheets to do and videos to watch about my third eye being all outta wack. Which is true. I haven't felt so grounded lately. Kind of like floating but in floating I've been getting a whole lot done. But then I heard this story on the Baghavad Gita and this Hindu monk on NPR today and it spoke to me like "working my body is only the half of it." So the universe is trying to tell me something. Get back to the books? Get out there more? Work on my warrior pose? What? Something. You can't strike deals with the universe. And, for once, I'm fine with that.

But so. What am I proud of as of late? I can do 30 consecutive pushups (and it makes me jelly but I can push through them). I'm back into my fashion mags and hair dye and jewelry which after closing my businesses, I'll confess, it was very hard to go back into that kind of world. I've outgrown my hand weights (which, as Hubs pointed out, is probably why I feel like I'm spinning my wheels lately. My body is better. He's a good inspiration for it!).

Planning this high school reunion is coming around. I don't think I'll ever be signing up to do this again. We downsized the room which is a good thing. It'll be nicer, more accessible. If we can just get more people to buy tickets then we can have some extras that I was wanting to do. Drink tickets, cash prizes, more decorations. Anyway whatever.

Now, I have to get some work done.

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