Thursday, May 15, 2008

So please put your sweet hand in mine // and float in space and drift in time

you were meant to be out there

Hubs and I are probably crazy. In September, we're making a fast international jaunt from Little Rock, stay a few days in NYC, to Paris for some days, to London (and Stonehenge again!!!) for some days, back to NYC, back to Little Rock.

Ah the quills of youth.

We've already got everything booked but I still like to pretend. For the first leg in NYC, we're planning on going to Coney Island for the day. Neither of us have been and we've very excited. That's assuming things are still open. I've not really checked. I would love it if we could stay here, Robert DeNiro's new hotel, but instead we're taking the poor man's limb and staying here which is very exciting to me. Like hostelling in the old times.

Anyway one day we'll figure it out and it will be necessary to explore for fun, not for profit as it were. I can't wait to take Hubs and show him some of my favorite cities in the world. Won't it be wonderful?

And I guess I'll need a new bag for Paris. Lucky me! haha!

Mom will be in southern France here in a few weeks building rock walls (she's where I get my crazy ideas) and lucky me! stocking up on salts and violet perfumes. I wish I could be going there with her. Hopefully next time. Hopefully the euro will be more affordable by then.

Stupid war.

I just can't make my mind focus on anything today.

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Sweet Pee said...

I'm going to Stonehenge in July Sully Sullykins!! You'd better hope I don't Griswold it before you get there!