Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I don't mind a 2 drink minimum

Remember this guy!!

Morris Day walks on water!

Morris Day and The Time come on my funk station all the time. Maybe it's better said as "Morris Day and the Time come all the time on my funk station." And it's hot! I love it. I need to add some MD&TT to my gardening shuffle mix. Currently it's a little too dub and raggae (Fat Betty, you've never pulled a weed in your life) or Phish and Trans Am, old Trans Am.

Yesterday, and the last few days, I planted tropical red dinner plate hibiscus, chamomile, King 100 cherry tomato, lemon and sweet basil, red cock's crow (Husband's favorite), orange and pink zinnia, tons of wine dipped coleus, chocolate bell pepper, pink spray caladiums, lantana, tons of multi-color hostas, dug up and reburied (much more shallowly this time) my lily of the valley, white and purple liatris, foxglove (which is a biannual but mine is sprouting this year!!!), Yellow Queen and Black Dove sunflower, cannas, hollyhocks, lupines (which were doing great then just pfft wilted away!), and I think that's it. For now anyway. Ha. Oh and I moved my honeysuckle and planted 5 or 6 nandina sprouts in new places. Let's hope that works.

I'm ready for the rain to stop and the sun to shine.

OH and I'm getting some rare bronze fennel. Let the dirty times roll...

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