Monday, April 28, 2008

Supernatural Superserious

Our badical Wilco poster for our bathroom (get it, bc it has an Octopus...)

Our lives have hit a milestone. The bathroom is finished!! Hubs is one amazing dude the way he got up so early Saturday morning and tackled that shiz. Done! A few hilarious mishaps here and there (albeit wet, it was quite funny to watch two tubes of water spray out intensely fast and spill water all over the new floor and how he kept flushing the toilet with an "I.made.thetoilet!) but you know. So now our boring lives consist of Spanish lessons (me) and golf lessons (him), GTAIV (him) and finding the perfect orchid (me), framing our ultimate Wilco poster (me) and building a rock wall (him). A flurry of this that and the other. I am looking forward to more sunny weather.

Two new things I love: new REM and Cloverfield. Wow. Both are so great. "At the summer camp where you volunteer//no one saw your face no one saw your fear" and Cloverfield. Holy wow. I would never recommend for the faint of heart, 9-11 survivors, or people who get motion sick easily but it had me up and down screaming and yelling like all best horror movies do. Highly recommended.

Say a little prayer for my friends. They lost their baby at 2 months. My heart goes out.

Long Monday is almost over.

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