Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pharoah's Lesson

My Husband, my girlfriends, now our manager, all have noticed my arms and my losing weight. And it's not really been that important bc I am one of those types of women (one of those types of women) where it comes and it goes. When I'm happy it comes, when I'm not, it goes. But in this new light. In this new way of thinking (how could Husband buy me more diamonds when I don't wear the jewelry I have) this chakra-curious? way of thinking (if I can only focus my white light on that white light maybe then I can get the reason of standing on my head) this half open window way of thinking (every time I punch the air and feel the muscles in my arms actually rip it awakens me-wild, I know!) this ever changing me (let go of sad childhood, attend) will be okay, better than ok, will be enough.

So but it's interesting to me why I always cut my hair, dye it dye it dye it again, why I always tan, no tan, tan, makeup weird David Bowie makeup, no makeup, in out in out foolish greetings. How would you not, how could you, disappearing. Pharaoh's lesson. Why do everything the hard way? Ulysses and Penelope. Allowances. I love me more, walking greeting.


And then, of course, this gets me by:

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