Monday, April 21, 2008

On Peter Pan

Meanwhile, somewhere in Belgium...

Ah the signs of aging are surely upon us. I missed 4-20. It completely slipped by me. I've never been much for stoning but 4-20, I mean come on. It's just pure comedy. Anyway. It must be the pollen. I've not felt so alive the last few days. I think I'll go workout at lunch to get the blood flowing. Must have been equal parts of not enough flaxseed at breakfast and who the hell eats flaxseed at breakfast?

Bathroom now has a vanity, counter, and sink attached! Next up is more trim and the toilet. Praise be, we might have a working bathroom by Friday. Hubs and I already farkled for who gets to use it first. I offered him a best 2/3 but he refused, so confident, so cocky. I won the first round (by cheating of course) with dynamite. Then I knew he was a rock man. So I came out full rock force and blew his scissors away. It was a sweet sweet Pyhrric victory because he'll probably just use it when I'm not looking. Doh!

Slept really well last night. Getting back into it. Mom is coming Tuesday and we're building my rock wall garden bed. Or something. Hubs and mom are paired on this one so there's not much I can do, plus what dummy turns down volunteer work to build a rock wall? Not me! Few pallets of rock and dirt later...

Another girlfriend is pregnant. My monthly chart said I'd have a hard time with this. That this is the time of year I always think about children. I mean, it is Spring. I don't know so much that I'll have a hard time with that so much as I have a hard time mourning the loss of my own childhood, growing up, yada ya. That we're not the spring pups we once were. And that's fine. It's just so hard when you're expected to cram so much living into your first 30 years and then sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. I was glad we got to celebrate Edwin's birthday on Saturday. Peel em' eat 'em shrimp and crablegs! I can think of a worse way to shed the pallor of youth. It's still so bizarre though. Metaphysical even. At what point do you give it up for the old cock's crow?

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Who's preggers, who's preggers??