Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Do you remember when you saw her last?

Anyone who truly knows me, has ever been close or dated me knows I am a perfume fanatic. I may leave the house without makeup, good shoes, clothes even, but I never go anywhere without putting on perfume. It's my truly girly thing. I love it. I love most all perfumes but, of course, have a few favs.

One of my favorite favorite perfumes in the world is violets. When I used to travel to France fairly regularly, I bought a bottle every time. I know exactly where in Paris, Arles, Nice, and Strasbourg I can find it. But I haven't been to Paris in years and so, sadly, I've been out of my violet for years. I keep the old bottles and just came across one the other day and now my mission has started.

Hubs and I are going to Paris, London, and NYC in September, but that's September! It's so far away. I need the violets now! This gross thing is the closest thing I can find so far and if I were Dita Von Teese or had a boudoir maybe I'd feel differently. The case is not though, so I don't.

Le sigh. I'll keep looking.

I'm currently rotating FlowerBomb, Sweet Pea, Grapefruit and Orange Jasmine, and Irish seaweed (smells better than it sounds and makes my skin AWESOME!). But again violet. Le sigh violet.

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