Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Warmongering and whoremongering

This, I cry because we all know how true it is.

I worry (it's becoming my catch-all) that all the young and the poor go for Obama but all the ones with money for campaign contributions go for Hillary. As I'm learning quickly is the case. Why can't we all just donate $3 (up from $1) to the national campaign fund and outlaw political fund raising. Afterall, if only the ones with money win, just how democratic is that? Better put, would even I trust a Dem with all that money?
I apologize to my friends for putting my foot in my mouth Saturday. It's not the first time, definitely won't be the last.

I apologize to my friends for going to stupid Spanish class over Bunko. Turns out I could have done that shit in the day time.

I told Hubs about Heath Ledger. First words, "Holy shit. Did they finish Batman?" That's really a shame. Michelle Williams is so hot.

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