Monday, January 28, 2008

Even the four horses say all bets are off

from heaven he came and sought her
to be his only bride
with his own love he bought her
and for her life he died


Spanish is going very well for week 1. I'm actually looking forward to going in this week.

The problem with being an entrepreneur, having it in my blood, is that when I see a good deal, I just can't say no. Add cartoon administrator to the list. Add real estate developer to the list (hopefully). I really enjoy making up stories and songs about complete and total nonsense and it makes me laugh, it makes others laugh. This could really be something. I really enjoy looking at/for houses and land to flip. And although Hubs and I don't have the initial investment money, we do have the time, the knowledge, and the desire (and moma has the money). It could really be something!


Some say that I will and some say I won't.

Chili dinner was great. Girls' night with Piper and boys' night with Rambo was great. Sometimes I think I understand.
These people really like me in spite of how I am.
What I needed help with, in connecting, is how we were.
If I'm going to move forward on these future projects, I need to be able to regain some of that way of speaking. How do I connect with ______________? (anyone)
Show me the way to get back to the garden.

Huge fashion post later. drool.

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