Thursday, December 20, 2007

Earrings // Handcuffs

I can't stop listening to Fire Don't Care's song Hipster Murder Blues. You can find my lovely Sam "SamRex" King's website at Painting Was A Dinosaur and although Fire Don't Care's songs aren't for download there, Sam's pretty music is. So take advantage and throw him $5 for his efforts. AND you should totally check out his dinosaur paintings and buy one. I think we're ready to add another one (I bought Husband a custom pinks and purples sunset colors pterodactyl one as his wedding present) and it's just the most perfect thing.

UPDATE! You can download Hipster Murder Blues here as well you should. And if you're in Ft Smith, go see them play.

In other news, my loooong convo with brother Jake the other day was just what I needed. He appreciates my humor, I his, and he'll listen with feigned interest to my stories of back alley Chinatown hidden doors on quests for designer handbags . He's a good guy.

Fav recent quote of yore, Kitty Kelly, "Speak the truth, but ride a fast horse."

Catfish Christmas work lunch and then Christmas shopping with my dad and trying to magically zip "A Scanner Darkly" audiobook that I just downloaded and have no way to get home. Fun computer times!

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