Tuesday, December 4, 2007

contre nous

Hannah Liden, Untitled, 2005

Searching to see what ole Katerina Jebb is up to (sadly her site is down, the only page for a while used to be a beautiful tarte postcard featuring a woman's photocopied nipple signed "To Hef, xoxo Katerina"-completely it), I've found a new photographer I'm really into.

Hanna Liden, with her ghastly nudes, grim reapers, and Scandinavian lore. She's terrific!

Haircuts today. Going back blonde white girl 60s afro. I'm so pumped.

Hubs is bringing the flash drive home so I can transfer all my girly mess of music onto his super computer and dance around cooking for the party with my shuffles. He also told me my Christmas present came in so I must slip him a mickey and go snooping! I love Krimmas times!!

Party Saturday. We're already on: The Final Countdown!

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