Thursday, December 6, 2007

but as always the thing that he loves he will change.

We watched Knocked Up, finally, I know I know, last night. It was funny, yes, in that way that stoner films-gone serious are funny, and it was poignant, esp. in our, um, how do they call it, post 9/11, gen Y, radically anti-radical blah blah blah era that we live in (and yes, can you belive people still say post 9/11? Jesus give me a break). But mostly to me and Hubs, it was just outright terrifying and uncomfortable.

The laughs were uncomfortable. The plot was uncomfortable. The characterization, uncomfortable. I dunno. I could stand to never watch it again, save Paul Rudd's parts. (Cirque de Soleil on mushrooms?! Holy smokes!)

Thought I would change it up today and cruised over to Rolling Stone's site. What a waste. There used to be some pretty good stories come out of RS over the years. Now it's just the same old lame year end best song ever countdowns (Gee let me guess, Bob Dylan every time) and Grammy roundups and MTV and if they hadn't noticed, MTV sucks. Worst is its gotten so pathetic even the irony isn't funny anymore.

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