Monday, November 5, 2007

Y: The Last Man got me thinking

--Because genetic traits jump geographic barriers due to the universal need for community. No man is an island, and the nature of loss.--

sorry I had to get that out of my mouth before it left my brain. It's been that kind of day. Also working on some other junk:

When a couple separates, each party takes
on certain responsibilities. Caring for the estate,
the children, the trust. I will maintain the lawn.
You will maintain the dog. At least that’s what the memo reported.
The tiny scribbled handwriting that drives me insane.
The signature of a child given a pen.

Sitting at my desk, corner windows overlooking
the roses I had tended year after year, paying the bills online
made me not want to pay the bills online.
Strike with pathetic vengeance where one can.

After the birth of our second, the happiness all but drained
from his face, I asked, “Is it Spring where you are?
I clung here all Winter.” Just trying to be coy, the cost
Of a marriage.

I trained the roses to climb and hang over the iron fencing.
In not pruning, they turned feral after the years.
Old canes withered up for new Spring shoots, seed pods crumbling
under the weight of other blooms. I chose them red
for the nail polish I wouldn’t wear. For you?

If it wasn’t for you, it was only because I was tired.

See I got this email where you're supposed to contemplate the high divorce rate in the country and then list your name with your spouse's name and the day of the year you got married. I dunno, seemed a little weird and got me thinking the above. It's just thoughts right now but it might be nice to start writing again. Thing is, I put down my books to start writing again, to only want to be in books again.

I'll never win this war of words.

If you haven't read Y: The Last Man, it's highly enjoyable. You are wasting your time if you don't get up on it.

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