Tuesday, October 2, 2007

sleazy tuesdays

leaving at 330! leaving at 330!

gumbo: brilliant.

company and scenario: not so brilliant.

searching for long lost high school alum on the internet: brilliant!

feeling like a stalker: not so brilliant.

really enjoying finding out about people: brilliant

actually having to make contact: not so brilliant

feeling like I have no choice!: brilliant!

spelling brilliant: not so brilliant

I still don't know if it's truly appropriate to have a reunion after only 10 years. I mean, personally, the last 10 years have been mostly years I want to forget, not sit around and reminisce about. Only exception to the rule is sitting with folks, who technically should be strangers, I mean we all haven't spoken in 9 years or more, and that makes people strangers again, and finding out that we've all, in ways more or less, wasted our lives in the past and are only, slowly as a whole, coming back and glueing the pieces back together to make ourselves more respectable and real.

Real dumb.

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