Monday, June 11, 2007

I believe in us

Still thinking on Sopranos finale. Wondering what hubs thought. Times are stiff and worrysome right now but only because we keep getting slapped with you owe a thousand here and you owe a thousand there. Hubs keeps reminding me that that's why we're thousandaires. haha.

But it's tiring work. But it's good work. I'm glad Chrissy is back from the Eastern bloc okay and had a good time. I'm glad we're still planning on going to Ireland although Lord knows we'll need that money, Lord will provide. I'm glad that friends are coming out of the woodwork and it all seems that we've all turned out fine enough with our scars and bruises in 10 years time.

I am so sleepy today. I hope it's a slow day. I hope that after these next 2 months, I never have to look at a can of tuna fish again.

I cook a mean eggplant parmigiana!! And that rules me!!

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