Friday, June 1, 2007

Call my name: we're gonna marry body and soul

Sometimes I wish song lyrics were more like how I want them to be and less like they actually are. Whatevs.

Husband asks why I don't write anymore. I burst out What about your trumpet? I garden--make things grow, when are we going to go to the beach, have a baby, our lives be settled in our new home with Puppery and Frenchie?

I don't know what makes me so defensive of it other than there are sometimes when close friends move and don't tell anyone, it won't stop raining and slugs take over, I choose not to listen to my old desires.

I've never been afraid of getting old but why am I in such a hurry? What will change of me if I become 30 faster or 40? My vial of sacred alchemy is full of Receiving Abundance. When will it be enough and who do I thank for it?

Looking forward to more summer music and tours and baseball. I actually want to go see baseball games now. What an influence a man makes. Sweet Communion.

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