Thursday, June 14, 2007

boom upside yo head

We got it!! Thank you thank you thankyou thank you thank you. Even husband has become a positive person. thank you thank you thank you. This life of mine, I'll take it 100% for all of it forever. On or before July 31 we just have to sell, finish packing, and move. The world does seem a lot more clear. We are doing what we are supposed to be doing. And Ireland still and we'll eat tinned peaches, trousers rolled 'till we're old, I love you I love you I love you.

Said, "I just liked looking through the old you before me. Before us." ( ) "You looked like someone I would like to know."

There has never been a more complete match for me. That person is out there for everyone. Who will let you buy the house you want without really looking at it because of the way it makes you feel. Who will always be the one to get up and get something. Who thinks your gravy is better than any he's ever tasted in any restaurant. Who will kiss your feet and scratch your back. And tell you how proud he is of you. Who thinks your zombie JFK and Jackie costumes is the best idea ever and will let you pour sticky fake blood all over him until that assassinated look is just perfect. I hope everyone I know meets this person, finds that house, lives that life intended for them because it's a wonderful place to be.

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