Friday, May 25, 2007

Neutering Cats! (cha!!!)

Yet another hour wasted on the phone with UPS. Office jobs rule it?!

Best part of last night, aside from A+ setup, being home and sitting in bed with Hubs and Pups. And then saying how A+ Setup is the best band in Arkansas ever period. Whoops, sorry The Tickle. They were really good too. I didn't cover my mistake very well.

If this lake weekend happens, it'll be a miracle and damn if I don't need a miracle about now. I hate UPS. At least I'm having a quasi-good hair day. Quasi was a fun band too.

I'm about ready to give it up and start writing for cartoons. Funny how that's become my new lifegoal. Northwest Arkansas should have an oracle around here. I need an oracle consultation.

Ain't it a good thing, I'm not making any promises.

Last night reminded me why I'm glad I was all balls to the wall and partially insane as a teenager and young adult. I still relish getting older though. God, make me wise.

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